Train The Trainer

During this 4 day course, delegates will learn new skills which will enhance and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the workplace where it can be measured and evaluated against set and expected outcomes.

Course Contents:

  • Difference between content based and outcome based education
  • Benefits of training
  • Difference between Education, Development and Training

Need Analysis and Research

  • Methods of research
  • Training needs analysis
  • Monitor learner progress          
  • Benchmarking


  • What is facilitation
  • Responsibilities of the Trainer / Facilitator
  • The facilitative role of the Facilitator / Teacher

Skills needed in facilitation

  • Different facilitation skills

Facilitator preparation

  • How does the facilitator prepare themselves for the training intervention

Training methodologies

  • What are training methodologies
  • Different learning styles
  • Adult learner

Monitor progress

  • How to monitor learner progress during the facilitation progress

Training methods

  • Prepare & using methods
  • Review your questioning skills
  • Introducing conducting & processing training methods

Remedial Measures

  • Different remedial methods
  • Learner feedback on facilitated learning

Personal facilitation skills

  • Voice modulation
  • Rehearsals
  • Irritating mannerisms & how to avoid them
  • Skills needed for building successful relationships

Problems facilitator may encounter

  • How to judge timing when using methods & activities

Benefits of attending:

  • Plan & prepare for facilitation and development
  • Facilitate group learning using appropriate methodologies for training and development purposes
  • Evaluate learning in the facilitation process
  • Review training and development in the facilitation process

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