Cabin Crew Service Training (05 Days)

Staff Regulations pertaining to Cabin Crew Members 

Usually based on Company regulations. This section covers the management of staff, supplying information to the Press, gratuities, postal articles, alcohol and drugs, cabin crew manuals, marriage, change of address and or telephone number, travel documents, customs control, crew luggage, hotel accommodation, illness and injury.

Cabin Crew Duties 

A job description is provided. This covers the expectations by the Company of the Cabin Crew. This section covers all aspects of the expected role of Cabin Crew including the duty roster, standby duties, pre-flight duties, in-flight duties, transit stop duties, end of flight duties, post flight duties, duties during a delayed scheduled or unscheduled flight, special attention to handling of passengers during the night, actions during turbulent weather at night.

Passenger Management 

Public relations for cabin crew. This section empowers Cabin Crew with the knowledge of how to deal with passengers professionally and in different types of situations. Other aspects include the addressing of passengers, differences in class travel, travel, reception and seating of passengers, passenger counts, seatbelt sign procedures, care of special attention passengers.

Cultural Interaction

Understanding the needs of different cultures and social environments of the passengers in order to achieve successful interaction with passengers, thereby influencing and encouraging their return.

Catering Introduction

This includes Catering where special diets and doctrine foods are discussed. Particular attention is focused on Kosher foods, Halaal, Hindu, Vegetarian, other special diets and Menu terms.
Wine & Food with a practical exercise of opening and serving wine and sparkling wine, and a wine tasting is conducted. Bar Formalities which are based on Company policies.

Method of Service & Cabin Service Procedures 

A detailed description of the method of both economy and business class cabin services is provided. Points included are galley preparations prior to passengers boarding, when passengers are boarding, after take-off, general points concerning the bar service, tea and coffee service, meal service and galley attendant responsibilities. 

Public Address Announcements

This section covers basic awareness of vocal technique and modulation – this includes the use of pausing. A well modulated voice will encourage the passengers to pay attention to announcements. Even if the content of your speech is exceptional, it can be lost on your audience through poor delivery. Techniques are demonstrated to conduct professional safety demonstrations on board. A copy of a basic set of announcements is included.

Uniform Requirements

This section covers the dress code requirements of Cain Crew at all times when on duty. A well groomed airline representative will instill confidence in the customer / passenger as the Cabin Crew will appear to be confident, and part of a well managed organisation.

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