About Us

Flitedux is a South African registered company concentrating specifically on Safety & Emergency Procedures training for Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Staff. The company holds a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA approval number CAA/0213) ATO (Airline Training Organization) accreditation. Flitedux has experienced instructors who train both Abinitio and existing licensed crew members. Our clients include many of Africa’s leading airlines and charter operators as well as international clients. We also provide services to sectors within Government. 

Flitedux Can Offer You:

  • Pilot Dangerous Goods Training – initial and recurrent dangerous goods training for all pilot levels
  • Pilot Emergency and Procedures Training – as experienced pilot instructors, any initial pilot course and pilot conversion courses onto an aircraft type. Included in this are refresher courses to ensure pilot SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures) currency.
  • Co-ordinated Pilot and Cabin Crew Training – this is a vital part of SEP training that incorporates all aspects of CRM training and is conducted on board an aircraft
  • Theory of Flight Training
  • Security Training
  • CAA Legislation Training
  • Flight and Duty Period Limitations as laid down in SA-CATS/SA-CARS
  • Cabin Crew SEP Training – initial courses up to and including the CAA license process for new recruits, refresher training and annual recurrent training
  • Line Indoctrination – initial and conversion cabin crew training
  • Cabin Crew Dangerous Goods Training – initial and recurrent dangerous goods training
  • Senior Cabin Crewmember Course
  • Service Training for Cabin Crew
  • Grooming and Etiquette for Cabin Crew
  • Ditching for both Cabin Crew and Pilots
  • Dangerous Goods for Ground and Passenger Handling staff
  • 5 day CAA accredited Instructor Dangerous Goods
  • Train-the-Trainer 5 day course
  • Fire Fighting
  • Aviation Medicine (Avmed)
  • Crew Resource Management for Flight Deck Crew, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers and Operations Staff
  • Pilot English Proficiency Testing
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Course

As South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accredited assessors and moderators you can be assured that all training is done in compliance with current Government legislation and applicable Unit Standards. Flitedux offers competitive rates and a quality service that is superior to anything else on the market. We customize our services to suit your exact requirements.


At Flitedux we dedicate ourselves to your training requirements and through our own consistent application of high standards, ensure that your crew are highly trained, professional and safety conscious. 

All crew training files are maintained and monitored to ensure continued compliance with CAA legislation. Through our extensive training aids including high-resolution multi-media projectors, videos, crew manuals and our extensive range of training equipment, we will provide not only theoretical training but also intensive practical training for your crew.


We keep that personal “hands on” experience at all times and put you, our client, first.