Senior Cabin Crew Member (SCCM) Course

It is important to have a Senior Cabin Crew Member on board an aircraft for each flight to take control of any situation should the need arise.

This course has been designed for cabin crew that already hold a Cabin Crew License and have a few years flying experience.

This course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a Senior Cabin Crew Member which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The SCCM is responsible to conform and provide guidance to other Crew Members to ensure that all cabin personnel conduct themselves according to the standards and policies set out by the company.
  • Whilst on active duty, the SCCM is responsible to the Captain for duties concerning passenger, crew and aircraft safety as well as passenger comfort.
  • The SCCM has the authority to off-load a Cabin Crew Member for matters related to safety and non-compliance of Company policies, including Company grooming standards.
  • The SCCM is the on board liaison between the cabin crew and flight deck
  • The SCCM must display knowledge and functionality in the following areas: 
    • Conduct crew briefings and ensure crew members are proficient.  Their knowledge relating to safety, emergency equipment, emergency procedures and first aid must be sufficient to successfully perform duties as assigned on a flight in normal and emergency situations;
    • Ensure all crew have read and signed Company Safety memo’s;
    • Allocate appropriate working positions for each Cabin Crew Member;
    • Ensure Cabin Crew Members have relevant documentation pertaining to the flight i.e. Manual, license, permit, logbook and passport (if applicable);
    • Provide active leadership of Cabin Crew Members, both on and off the aircraft.  The SCCM must lead by example setting high standards for passenger contact and needs;
    • Guides and assists the Cabin Crew Members in the performance of the duties;
    • Where necessary provide “Conflict Management” between crew and passengers;
    • Actively solicits passenger and crew feedback;
    • Looks for ways to improve and enhance the quality of service offered;
    • Completes all necessary paperwork, including the Flight Report for each flight assignment, catering documentation, and cabin logbook entries;
    • Completes all international paperwork i.e. Customs, Health, Bar and any other documentation as required;
    • Attends and contributes to regular Cabin Crew Member meetings;
    • Provides feedback to Cabin Services Manager regarding the operation of flights, outlining discrepancies and abnormalities incurred.

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